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The Working of the Holy Spirit

The Working of the Holy Spirit

I. The Holy Spirit's Working In Elisha's Ministry (II Kings 2-13)

   1. Miraculous Parting of the Jordan (2:12-14)

   2. Miraculous Healing of the Waters (2:18-22)

   3. Miraculous Judgment of Irreverence (2:23-25)

   4. Miraculous Water Appears as Blood (3:13-22)

   5. Miraculous Increase of the Widow's Oil (4:1-7)

   6. Miraculous Raising of Shunammite's Son from the Dead (4:8-37)

   7. Miracle of the Deadly Pottage (4:38-41)

   8. Miracle of the Multiplication of Loaves (4:42-44)

   9. Miracle of the Healing of Leprous Naaman (5:1-14)

 10. Miracle of the Floating Ax-head (6:1-7)

 11. Miraculous Revealing of Enemies Plans (6:8-12)

 12. Man of God's Eyes Supernaturally Opened (6:13-17)

 13. Syria's Army Blinded in Answer to Prayer (6:18)

 14. Prophecies Food in Famine (7:1-20)

 15. Prophecies Death of King of Syria (8:7-15)

 16. Man Miraculously Raised from the  Dead by Bones of Elisha (13:21)

II. The Holy Spirit in Galatians

   1. Liberty of the Holy Spirit vs. Bondage of the Law (5:1-15)

   2. Struggle of the Flesh and Spirit (5:16-18)

   3. Works of the Flesh and the Fruit of the Spirit (5:19-23)

   4. Formula for the Spirit's Power (5:24-26)

III. The Holy Spirit in Ephesians

   1. Sealed w/Holy Spirit (1:13)  2. Access by the Spirit (2:18)  3. Built Habitation of God by Spirit (2:22)
   4. Mystery Revealed by Spirit (3:5)  5. Strengthened w/Might by Spirit (3:16)  6. Unity of Spirit (4:3)

   7. One Spirit (4:4)  8. Grieve not the Spirit (4:30)  9. Fruit of Spirit (5:9)  10. Be Filled w/Spirit (5:18)

                                    11. Sword of the Spirit (6:17)  12. Praying in the Spirit (6:18) 

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The Revival of Early Church Prophecy


     The Lord reveals to His beloved prophet Daniel in the twelfth and closing chapter of his prophetic book a very significant truth that is being played out in our day! This truth is found in Daniel 12:4 & 12:9:
'But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end; many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased...And He said, Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end.''

     Israel was established as a nation in 1948, and the Jews are returning to the Promised Land in record numbers fulfilling the necessary prophecy of Deuteronomy 31:1-9; Ezekiel:24-36, 37:21ff. These passages state that the Lord will gather the Jews from all the nations and will bring them into the land and He will then circumcise their heart and bring the blessing on them speaking of the Millennial Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore in view of current events, we can be assured that we are living in the time of the end.

     This miraculous birth and establishment of the nation of Israel was accomplished in 1948. The six-day war of 1967 gave Israel control over the city of Jerusalem. These are but two of the necessary ingredients of God's program for the end of the age, for unless Israel is a sovereign nation, able to make treaties and covenants with other world powers, the beginning of Daniel's Seventieth Week, which is initiated by confirming  a covenant with the Antichrist (Daniel 9:27), the end times can not begin.

     But, since God has begun to fulfill His prophetic program by re-gathering His people into the Promised Land the stage is now set for the unfolding of the necessary events of the time of the end. Therefore, we can be assured that we are living in what Daniel describes as 'the time of the end' and the unsealing of Daniel's book is well nigh at hand! This is the REVIVAL OF EARLY CHURCH PROPHECY.

     During the last two decades of the Twentieth Century students have labored over the Scriptures bringing to light much new prophetic insight by the harmonizing of all of the prophetic passages of the entire Bible. This effort has brought about a revival or return to what the church fathers believed as revealed in their writings!

     By standing on the foundation of the prophetic teachings of Scripture and examining the interpretation of the church fathers, those leaders of the church who lived during the first, second and third centuries, it is clear to even the casual observer that the Church will definitely experience the presence and persecution of the Antichrist but not the Day of the Lord/Wrath of God!

     This has been the position of the Church throughout the ages up until the mid-1800's when the pre-tribulation rapture theory was wrested from the Scriptures primarily by John Darby and then popularized in the USA by C.I. Schofield who utilized much of the teachings of John Darby, the founder of the Plymouth Brethren, to formulate his popular study Bible.

     The majority of modern-day Bible teachers in the USA hold to the pre-tribulation rapture theory, however, since the introduction of Robert Van Kampen and Marvin Rosenthal's books, 'The Sign' and 'The Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church' there has been a steady movement of Bible teachers to the Pre-Wrath prophecy doctrine of Scripture.

     God's unsealing of the prophetic passages continues, coming right on time AS USUAL, bringing to light the truth that was taught by the early church and the church fathers, but not necessarily systematized or labeled during the past two millennia which now has taken place in the works of these two men!

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Jacob's Revival Principles-Genesis 35

                                              Jacob’s Revival Principles for Powerful Worship
(Genesis 35:1-15)
I. Preparing for Worship (v.1-5)
A.    Eliminating Divided Worship-‘Put away…(Ex 20:3; Lev 19:4; I John 2:15-17)
1.      god of practices[Lust of the flesh] Aspects old man/flesh (Gal 5:21,22; Eph 4:22, 31)
2.      god of possessions [Lust of the eye] Appetites old man/flesh (Col 3:5/covet’s/idolatry)
3.      god of position [Pride of life] Attitude old man/flesh (Rom 8:5-8 mind/flesh)
B.     Eliminating Defiled Worship-‘Be clean…(II Cor 7:1)
1.      Means of Cleansin
    a.       Blood of Christ (Heb 9:14; I Jn 1:7-9) 
    b.      Word of Christ (Jn 15:3; 17:17; Eph 5:26)
2.      Method of Cleansing 
    a.       Confession (Lev 5:5-10; I Jn 1:9) 
    b.      Clearing Conscience (II Cor 7:10,11; II Tim 3:9; Acts 24:16; Mt 6:15)
C.     Engaging in Devoted Worship-‘Change your garments…’
1.      Making the Change [Deciding Daily to Equip the Holy Spirit for Battle] (8) Progressive Put-Ons 
    a.       "The night is far spent, the day is at hand: let us therefore cast off the works of
                     darkness, and let us PUT ON the Armor of Light."(Romans 13:12) 
             b.      "But PUT ye ON the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh
                    to fulfill the lusts thereof."(Romans 13:14)
                   c.    "For as many of you as have been baptized into Christ, have PUT ON Christ."
                           (Galatians 3:27)
                   d.   "And that ye PUT ON the New Man , which after God is created in righteousness and                          true holiness” (Ephesians 4:24)
                   e.   "PUT ON the Whole Armor of God of God that you may be able to stand against the wiles of                      the devil” (Ephesians 6:10)                             
                   f..   "And have PUT ON the New Man, which is renewed in knowledge after the image
                         of Him that created him." (Colossians 3:10)
                  g.   "PUT ON therefore, as the elect of God, holy and beloved, Bowels of Mercies, kindness,          humbleness of mind, meekness, longsuffering. (Colossians 3:10)
                  h.   "And above all these things PUT ON charity (THE LOVE), which is the bond of
                                     perfectness.” (Colossians 3:14)  
2.      Maintaining the Change [Deciding Daily to Equip the Holy Spirit for Communion
    a.       Minding the Eternal (Col 3:1-3  Seeking and Setting Focus on Eternal Things) 
    b.      Meditating on the Word (Jsh 1:8; Ps 1:2; Ps 119-(7) Med; Jer 15:16; Jn 6:63; I Tim 4:15)
c.       Moment by Moment Communion (Jn 15:4; WWTKABAB! Jn 3:3,5; Mt 6:33-Kingdom!)
 II. Providing for Worship (v.6-8) [Deciding Daily to be Disciplined like Christ]
A.    Designated Area [Personal Meeting Place] (v.6; Mt 6:6)
B.     Designated Appointment [Personal Meeting Time] (Ps 63:1; Prov 8:17; Mk 1:35)
C.     Designated Altar [Personal Meeting Focus] (v.7; Rom 6:1-14; Gal 2:20; Heb 13:10)
III. Practicing of Worship (v.9-15)
A.    The Presence of God (v.9a; Heb 10:19)
B.     The Plan of God (v.9b-13)
1.      Proclaim/Provide the Blessing (v.10-12)
a.       Personal (v.10) Thy name is Jacob…Israel shall be thy name…
b.      Powerful (v.11) El Shaddai-All sufficient-able to accomplish anything
c.       Purpose  (v.11) Be fruitful- Gen 1:28; Jn 15:16)
d.      Promise (v.11,12) Abrahamic Covenant Reiterated (Gen 28:12-15)
C.     The Priority of The Worshipper (v.14,15)
1.      Pillar set up (Heb 13:10) [Picture of His Full Dedication]
2.      Poured a drink offering (Rom 12:1, 2) [Full Sacrificial Wushipppp!!! Bob Jones Sr.]
3.      Place named (Bethel: House of God) [Demonstrates His Full Understanding]

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